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Laboratory Disk Vacuum Filter

Laboratory Disc Vacuum Filter / Laboratory Vacuum Disk Filter / Laboratory Vacuum Disc Filter


GTEK multifunctional Disk Vacuum Filter is a lab apparatus for intermittent or continuous filtration. It can be used in laboratories of mining, metallurgy, geology, chemistry, construction materials, petroleum, papermaking industry, ceramics industry, as well as in pilot factory for dewatering and solid liquid separation use.

There are two different filter disk with different capacities in the disk accumbent filter. Slurry of different amount can be directly fed into the disk corresponding disk for dewatering operation. The filter is mainly composed of chassis, vacuum pump, filter disk, suction cup, electrical accessories and connection pipeline.


1. Reliable quality, nice appearance;
2. Convenient operation, stable running and high efficiency;
3. Efficient filtration for difficult filtering mineral and low density pulp.

Technical Specification

Specification of Laboratory Disk Vacuum Filter
Model -- XTLZ-Φ260/Φ200 DL-5CΦ240/Φ120
Filter Disk Diameter mm Φ260/Φ200 Φ240/Φ120
Vacuum Pressure kPa 80 91.2
Pulp Solid-to-Liquid Ratio -- 1:(4-7) 1:(4-7)
Dry Weight of Sample g 0.5 0.5
Max. Feed Size mm 600 500
Filter Cake Moisture % 8-20 8-20
Filtration Time min 1-10 1-10
Voltage V 380 380
Power kW 1.5 1.6
Overall Dimensions mm 650×540×1140 1030×420×970
Weight kg 200 160
Laboratory Disk Vacuum Filter
Laboratory Disk Vacuum Filter
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