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GTEK is strong in producing high quality and efficient pulverizer for preparing a wide range of materials for laboratory testing needs. Our Vibratory Pulverizer and Disk Pulverizer ensure you that your samples is pulverized to an acceptable particle size, and is free of contaminants.

Vibratory Pulverizer
GTEK Vibratory Pulverizer can be used for efficient grinding of medium-hard and brittle material. It is an ideal pulverizer when it comes to preparation of samples for testing. Vibratory Pulverizer is also called Vibratory Cup Mill or Ring and Puck Mill.
Laboratory Disk Pulverizer
Laboratory Disk/Disc Pulverizer can be used for intermittent and continuous fine grinding of hard-brittle and medium-hard materials in the field of mining and metallurgy, glass industry, ceramics industry. Disk Pulverizer is also called Laboratory Disk/Disc Mill.

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