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Davis Magnetic Tube

Davis Tube / Davis Tube Tester / Davis Magnetic Tube Tester / Laboratory Magnetic Separator


Davis magnetic tube or Davis magnetic tester is a laboratory machine designed to separate a small sample of pulverized magnetic iron ore into magnetic and non-magnetic fractions. Davis separation tube is positioned between poles of a powerful electromagnet at an angle of 45° (adjustable) that is agitated back and forth and rotated by a motorized system. Magnetic particles are collected inside the tube in the zone of intense magnetism and all non-magnetic minerals are washed out.


XCGS Davis magnetic tube or Davis magnetic tester can be used in laboratories of mine, metallurgy and geology.

Technical Specification

Specification of Davis Magnetic Tube
Magnetic Field Parameters
Pole Pitch 52 mm
Magnetic Field Intensity 2500 / 3500 GS (stepless regulated)
Glass Tube Parameters
Diameter Φ 50 mm
Oscillation Frequency 70 times/min
Migration Distance 40 mm
Other Parameters
Sample Granularity 0.5 mm
Power Supply 1P / 220V / 50 Hz
Net Weight 200 kg

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